Manley Portable Milling




THIS AGREEMENT is made by and between _______________(Sawyer) and   __________ (Customer) with respect to the following:

1. Sawyer agrees to cut Customer’s log(s) at:    __________________________________

 x Customer’s Site or  Sawyer’s property for $ 100 per hour.

2. In addition to above, Customer shall pay Sawyer $100 for mobile delivery and setup of the sawmill. Also, if Sawyer is required to relocate the sawmill on site, there shall be an additional charge of $100 per move. In the event a saw blade is broken or damaged by foreign matter (nail, rock, metal, etc.) in Customer’s log, there is a charge of $40_per damaged blade.

3. Sawyer will arrive at Customer’s location at _________________           to start operation. Customer agrees to provide men to assist in loading and unloading logs and lumber. All logs shall be stacked in location of mill to allow continuous loading of mill by rolling logs up mill ramp without moving mill. Lumber shall be stacked at mill location to allow continuous cutting operation.

4. Other Charges:    Mileage $ ___ Perdiem $________                                                                                         .

5. Payment in full shall be made as follows: Cash at completion of contract.

6. It is understood by the Customer that log handling and cutting may be

hazardous. Customer shall be responsible for conduct of helpers and observers and agrees to hold Sawyer harmless for any injury or damage whatsoever to helpers or observers arising out of operation of the mill and the handling of logs and lumber. It shall be Customer’s duty and obligation to keep all children and observers out of the work area. Customer represents that he is the owner of the logs and/or has the authority to enter into this Agreement on behalf of all interested parties.

Dated and effective this                        day of                                                    ,