Welcome to the Manley Portable Milling service information page. We are the premier providers of remote mobile milling. Our goal is to provide you the very best lumber out of your logs right on location. 

Our quality control standards are high. Our sawyer strives to be among the best in the industry and has been milling for 6 years in remote locations. Our goal is always to deliver excellent lumber. Your satisfaction is of paramount importance. 

Below is a complete list of the services we offer: 

We mill logs from your trees to final form for beams, decking, fencing, flooring, slab-form to furniture grade at your location.

Production Milling in ALL weather conditions!

Note:  The operator's only responsibility is to run the Sawmill for greater production. It is your responsibility to have at least one worker available to offload lumber (unless otherwise agreed to).

Mobile sawmill service:

  • All milling: $85.00 an hour
  • We have a 4 hr. min. requirement (might be one very large Walnut log or a dozen small Firs)
  • Mileage charge of $1 per mile one way to the site from our location (first 50 miles no charge for a limitted time).
  • 8 hour minimum outside of a 100 mile radius
    ***Multiple day jobs will require lodging or perdiem of $75 per night (unless there is room for my camper on site).
  • 'By the board foot' rates may be considered (Note: we will not mill by the board foot on small logs (short or thin) , old dry logs, very large logs (over 32 inches or over 18 feet etc.)
  • We are willing to travel throughout Central and Eastern Washington (Columbia Basin, Okanogan and surrounding areas) as well as Western Idaho.
  • By using our services, you save the costs of hauling logs to a mill and the lumber back to your property or job site. You receive all your lumber and can adjust your cut lists as you monitor our production. We can do some hand moving of logs at the mill site when a forklift or loader/tractor is not available. Our mill loads the logs itself so no need to have something available to do so.  Just have the logs ready to roll to the mill.

    Save costs by:

    • Trimming large logs before our mill arrives or we will trim logs to fit our mill at our hourly rate.
    • Cutting all limbs flush with the bark or we will have to use our chainsaw to cut limbs flush at our hourly rate (no 45 degree cuts or 'horns').
    • YOUR crew stacks all lumber & cap cuts (unless otherwise agreed to).
    • The sawdust will be piled next to the mill.
    • Clean up is done after each log is milled for safety.
    • We will leave all slabs (cap cuts) whole (good to buck up and use for firewood).
    • We can leave all flitches (flat board with bark on one or more sides) or help you cut them into stickers for stacking to dry your lumber.

    Other Fees:

    • $30.00 fee for all damaged blades that cannot be re-sharpened (metal/nail, rocks, forieng objects damage etc).
    • Mobile Set up. We charge 1 hour at our hourly rate to deliver and set up the mill once arrived onsite.
    • Mileage rate:  we charge $1/mile (one way) to deliver the mill to the job site in addition to our Mobile Setup fee.


    • Minimum Length of Logs:  3 feet (shorter possible)
    • Maximum Length of Logs:  21 Feet (note:  20'6" is best but we can make 21 feet work).
    • Minimum Thickness (small end): 8 inches (ask us)
    • Maximum Thickness (large end): 36 inches (more possible, call to discuss)
    • Kerf Thickness (blade):  1/8Ē (this thin Kerf increases total board footage produced in a log by approximately 15%)

    To save time & your cost, please have all log preparation completed before we arrive at your site.

    We can cut at a much faster production rate when you provide two or more people & equipment to handle all the wood and the job-site is flat with enough room to accommodate our mill & truck.

    Your logs need to be in one central location or we will move the mill at our hourly rate. The logs must be no more than 21 feet long and all limbs cut flat to bark, no 45 degree cuts. The pile of logs needs to be centered with the trunk (butt ends) to one side (note: the sawmillís loading ramps face the driverís side of the truck).

    Customer is responsible for all blade damage caused by any foreign objects (dirt, paint, nails, metallic objects, bolts, wire, rocks, bullets, moss, etc.) in or on logs.

    To reduce the blade damage, it is recommended that you use a metal detector on urban or farm trees.

    There is a $30.00 ($40.00 Bi-Metal) fee for each damaged blade. Removal of these objects saves you the cost of damaged blades.

    NOTE: Rates are subject to change.

    PAYMENT DUE: Payment is due before the mill leaves your site.

    Special agreements must be reached before milling starts.

    Cash is our preferred payment method.  Checks will be considered -- please ask ahead of time.


    For more information or to schedule a free site visit, please contact us either via email [by clicking on the contact button on this page] or [at] sawyer@manleyportablemilling.com. You may also call us at 509-764-1788 before 9PM daily (leave msg if we are unable to answer). 

    We look forward to serving you.

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