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July 2017

Camped out in Mazama before heading to a customer to mill up some Ponderosa Pine for their carport and various projects

March 26 2017

Winter is over and we’re back milling!

February 8th 2017

December 3rd 2016

Winter is almost over and the mill is no longer covered in snow!

We begin our 2017 milling season tomorrow in Medical Lake provided the snow doesn’t force us to stay off the roads as it is probably going to snow.

After this weekend we have milling jobs starting to line up for the rest of March so now’s the time to get on the calendar!

Winter is here and pulling the sawmill can be very scary on iced up roads so we’ve parked it for the winter (unless you are near Moses Lake where we can easily get to and from your location without worrying about changing road conditions). However, if you are in need of our services, don’t hesitate to call so we can discuss when we can get to your locations.

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